Friday, September 30, 2011

Rivet Gun 101

 I picked up some cute one-gallon cans at Warrenton last week so that I could convert them into some sweet birdhouses. In the past, I connected the tin using screws. Today, my husband was home so I grabbed a quick lesson on the use of a rivet gun. OMG! They are so, so simple to use. I had absolutely no idea.
 This is what I accomplished after only 1 lesson!
 Our rivet gun belongs in a museum, but it still functions like it did when it was new.
To use the gun, simply drill an 1/8 inch hole in the pieces you wish to connect. Load an 1/8 inch rivet in the gun like the picture above. Stick the little peg in the hole you drilled, making sure that it rests snug against your project. Squeeze the handle several times until it "pops". Since they are aluminum, you could have the grip of an 80-year old and still manage it.

I am off to see what else I can rivet . . . 

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