Monday, May 14, 2012

Cherry Tree Tea Room

I was super excited when Amanda Cherry invited to be a vendor at the Cherry Tree Tea Room. I will be featuring my new digital art calendars there. I showed her one (it is the one with the beach theme) and she told me that she would like to display 5 of them. Five of the same would be a bit much so I spent the next 10 days working up 4 more. (without my son's computer help, I might add! He has taught me well)

These calendars are behind glass so you can write all over them with a Sharpie and erase with a little alcohol.

This morning, I went with my camera to photograph how they were displayed and learned that I had already sold one! Yes, I am doing a happy dance.
The Cherry Tree Tea Room is located in historical downtown Kingsville. Their chicken salads and desserts are to die for.
Right outside the tea room is the brick that has my husband's name engraved on it. How special is that?? He shares his brick with a bunch of Yaklins.