Sunday, June 15, 2008

You meet the nicest people on Flickr!

I love Flickr. It's such a wonderful place to hang out. The internet really shrinks the world. It enables you to "meet" people of like-interests, to share ideas, techniques and view one another's masterpieces online. I received this sweet letter from Sandy who lives in Canada:

:: Thank you!Hi Teresa! I just wanted to thank you for your much appreciated sweet remarks on my art! For the longest time Ihave been meaning to tell you something ironic. Over a year ago I was googling some stuff when I stumbled upon your jar fairies and your altered clock. I gasped in delight and had no idea that this type of art existed before! I then discovered that people posted their art on flickr regularly. I lost your flickr name- but months later I happened to find you again. So you see, it is an honor to receive compliments from you because you are the one who opened my eyes to this world of magic and creativity. Thank you for that! Have a great day! Sandy:)

Sandy has a great shop on Etsy she calls Distressrelief. Be sure to check it out soon. She has some great pieces of art.


Sandy said...

Oh Teresa you just made my day! Thanks for the plug girl. Now that I know about your blog I will visit often. Thanks again for all the inspiration!Hugs!
Sandy xox

Couture de Papier said...

Hi! I love flick too! I give up on 3d world Love your artwork and blog!
Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.

Sherry/Cherie said...

This is so totally Sandy -- to write you a letter like this. She's a sweetheart!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Isn't that great!! I too have met so many wonderful people through Flickr and Blogland and Etsy--including you Teresa!
Smiles, Karen

Loudlife said...

I love this story, how sweet! Thanks for coming by! I had to come over and tell you something funny...

About a year (I think) ago, I posted pictures of a neighborhood rooster who was coming by our house to visit pretty regularly. I was confused when people started asking me what body of water I lived near and questions of that nature. I went back and looked at the photos and realized that the view from my front window going down the driveway does sort of make it look like a water view! Alas, it is just our mundane asphalt-with-no-sidewalks street!

So I was puzzled for a minute when you said something about my "view" and then I realized...fuzzy photography out the dirty front window strikes again! LOL!

You brightened my evening, sister!