Friday, September 5, 2008

Aunt Trudie

It was always a bit creepy going to Aunt Trudie's house, but Mom insisted. Truth be told, I think she was afraid to refuse Aunt Trudie's invitation.

You never knew what you would discover at her house either. There was always some "super-weird" thing happening over there. I'm just so glad that we never had to spend the night . . .


dollybelle said...

Cool blog! I love all the halloween vintage witchy stuff!

Kathy said...

I love the new banner too. Your Aunt Trudy story is funny.
I want to thank you for stopping by my blog, and wishing us well through the hurricane. How very sweet of you, ~xx~

Sandy Michelle said...

Hmmm, maybe her haouse was haunted..LOL! Thanks for your sweet comment about the banner:)