Sunday, March 29, 2009

I caught her!

To my delight, when I went out to get the newspaper, I found this adorable little fairy had just hatched. Her name is Emily and she loves coconut macaroons and tea with lots of sugar. I think that is why she is so sweet!

I just started a Facebook and I'm afraid to say that it has kept me at the computer and away from my studio. That's okay. It's like a huge party over there. I love it here, too. It's like home here.


Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

oohh, she is a doll! Your fairy jars are so sweet :-)

Sandy Michelle said...

I have Emily's sister sitting here in my studio and she says Hi :)Isn't facebook fun!!! Enjoy!


suzeeez said...

Emily is adorable & I think if you whip up a big batch of macaroons and a tiny pot of tea that maybe you can let her out of her jar for awhile. She won't leave you if you have all of that for her.
:o) Sue

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, I just love this! I love fairies in jars - my imagination runs wild like a child with them!

marsha said...

So cute Teresa, I love your little fairy!!

Bet's Crayons said...

I love your little, Emily! So sweet and her story is adorable.

I hope I find one hatched on my door step soon!

Nice to meet you on facebook...such fun finding like-minded artists!

I'm also enjoying your blog!

Lori said...

she sure is cute!!!

needlewings said...

How very sweet! I love fairies and things with wings!