Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From sad to glad

I was feeling really bummed because I had to turn a job down. I had promised to go to Round Top with a friend of mine thinking that I could get a few days off. NOPE! It was impossible. I basically had to promise that I would have no other life for a little while. I was really stuck. I couldn't back out on my friend. That just wouldn't be right. Besides, who would want to miss Round Top? Not me!
Anyway, I was feeling rather bummed and decided to check my email. I received one from Etsy called Etsy finds. They were doing a feature on Halloween items. Emily called it Something Wicked This way Comes.

I started checking out all the cool Halloween things and then I heard a squeal. It came from me. I spotted my Edgar Allen Poe cemetery dirt bottle.I am no longer bummed.


Sandy Michelle said...

It's amazing how being featured can just brighten your day! Sorry you couldn't take the job but it was for a very worthy cause :)

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Have fun!
Sandy xox

Anonymous said...

Question for you...is the dirt inside the Poe cemetery dirt bottle actually from Poe's gravesite?


LOL. No, I am not a grave robber. This is an art bottle. In my description, I write:

No grave, cemetery, or any other final resting place was visited or disturbed in the making of this art bottle

Linda Cain said...

I too had to turn something down and was pretty bummed. A DT spot that would have required 36 items, plus tutorials and instructions!!! Geez, I would have had no life...but it was the right thing to do.
LOVE your blog background...the lady it to DIE for!