Sunday, March 31, 2013

Warrenton 2013

 A whole bunch of awesome, all in one place.
 Just tent after tent of goodies to dig through.
 My husband LOVES Pearl beer. Not really sure why, but he does. I thought of getting one of these for him, but for what they were asking (and rightfully so; they are quite rare) he could buy lots of beer.
Don't you just love this embellished guitar? I would love to tell you who this is, but I can't find her card! She is so sweet and an amazing artist.
I stopped by Junk Gypsies to get a t-shirt and the whole JG gang was there. Amie was real sweet and posed for a photo with me.
 Don't you just love the soulful look on this sweet cow's face?
This was such a cool car. The owner realized that I was preparing to take a photo, so he paused for me. You see such cool things at Warrenton!


Yvonne said...

Really enjoyed the photos. I know it was fun for you!

Attic Clutter said...

love the cow pic!!!