Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Witch Cabinet Card tags

I just came back in from my sweatshop (studio) where I made these Halloween tags. Adobe Photoshop allowed me to digitally alter these cabinet card images. My son will be so proud of me. I did these without his help. Photoshop is so complicated. As long as I can travel the same paths, I don't usually get lost. I've even learned to use overlays and effects.


yvonne said...

Very cool. I love it. I'm still learning Photoshop myself.
Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. I'll be visiting your new shop soon.

QueenBe said...

I love them! Who would have ever thought of using gauze/cheesecloth! I know exactly how you feel about Photoshop. SOme people make it seem so easy, I am not one of them. Great tags.

Sandy Michelle said...

You did a great job! I could never figure out photoshop myself. What's the material you used behind the pix. It gives the tags a nice creepy look!

Sandy xox

faerie enchantment said...

These are amazing, love them, their hats are perfect, eerie chic!
Magic and Joy!


Love them and how you stitched it all together (:) hugs, Patty