Thursday, February 11, 2010

Push it to my phone, please

I received an email from Etsy today that I am simply thrilled about. It detailed how to set up a filter so that when I make a sale on Etsy, it will be pushed straight to my cell phone!! Yippee!! I have it set up, but I haven't seen it in action . . . still waiting for a new sale. Anyone wanting to help me out in this area can rush straight over to my Etsy shops and have some fun. LOL I also set it up so that I will get instant notification for my ArtFire sales as well.

It is so easy, even I could do it without help from my boys. Here is what I did:
1. Open the gmail account (probably works in others, but I have gmail)
2. Click the "Create a Filter" link at the top of the screen
3. In the "From" box, type
4. Click "Next Step"
5. In the Forward box, type in your email address for your phone.
6. Click "Create filter" and Voila!!, you're all set.

Here is a list of the email addresses based on the various cell phone providers:







Virgin Mobile:

Alltel: OR





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