Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little brag session

Yesterday, Brenda surprised me by including my wire basket in her ArtFire Collections list that she calls A Basket Case (hey! I'm one of those!) Be sure to stop by her shop, TheTwelfthDimension.She has the cutest miniatures for dollhouses.
Then, this morning, Paula told me that she had included my captured witch in HER Artfire Collections list. Hers is chock full of witches. She calls it There be Witches. Paula's shop is PicardCreative and she is on ArtFire, too. Head over to her shop for a good chuckle. You will see what I mean when you get there. :D.

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

That's great T. I love the little captured witch. My favorite is still the little 'you' captured fairy with chocolate on her face, that I bought, when you and I first met! LOL Hope you are having a great day!