Monday, May 9, 2011

Ladies who lunch

The reason that I was able to go to Germany in the first place was because my husband was chosen to work on the Ticona/Germany project. aka Tiger. He was over there for 3 months and I was blessed to be able to spend a month with him. I especially wanted to be there in April since that is when we had our 30th anniversary.

There were several other project wives that were along with their husbands. From left to right are Louisa (from the UK), Grazia (originally from Brazil), Me (from Texas), Susan (from Pennsylvania) and Jan (from South Carolina). We met at the Turkish restaurant in Bad Soden for lunch. Some of us walked and some arrived by car.

We had lots of stories to tell. Some knew good "menu German". It's the amount of German one needs to know in order to read the menus at the restaurants. Even the Turkish restaurant's menu was written in German. When I first arrived, I just ordered still water since I do not care for the water with the bubbles. I soon learned that the best thing to drink with the meals was wine. I do not know why I did not know that from the get-go. I guess I'm a little slow.

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Yvonne said...

Hope you had a great time! I know Germany is beautiful! My DH was around Bitburg.